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I want read the mangas. Please.
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can´t download anything, the link dectypter sends me to the main page
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Japanese Drama: Marumaru Tsuma


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Hikari will perform household chores to perfection for the sake of her husband, Kubota Masazumi. Her own life is only to support him. Kubota, a newscaster, takes pride in his popularity because of his outspoken remarks despite the conventions of sponsors and the television network. His behaviour mobilises public opinion and he wishes that he can change society with his words. Kubota owes his position as main newscaster on the news programme ‘News Life’ to the support of his wife of six years too. But why does Hikari devote herself completely to him? The certain characteristic that Kubota’s wife possesses is an enigma, and a shocking development awaits him…


marumaru.tsuma.e01.frh.mkv – 198.8 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e02.frh.mkv – 176.8 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e03.frh.mkv – 205.3 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e04.frh.mkv – 190.3 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e05.frh.mkv – 146.6 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e06.frh.mkv – 183.3 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e07.frh.mkv – 159.8 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e08.frh.mkv – 144.3 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e09.frh.mkv – 168.9 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e10.end.frh.part1.rar – 120.0 MB
marumaru.tsuma.e10.end.frh.part2.rar – 98.3 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e01.frh.mkv
File size:198.79 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e02.frh.mkv
File size:176.83 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e03.frh.mkv
File size:205.27 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e04.frh.mkv
File size:190.32 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e05.frh.mkv
File size:146.61 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e06.frh.mkv
File size:183.27 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e07.frh.mkv
File size:159.79 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e08.frh.mkv
File size:144.28 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e09.frh.mkv
File size:168.90 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e10.end.frh.part1.rar
File size:120.00 MB

File name: marumaru.tsuma.e10.end.frh.part2.rar
File size:98.35 MB

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