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(Saturday, Aug 25. 2018 12:07 AM)
I want read the mangas. Please.
(Saturday, Jul 14. 2018 09:19 PM)
can´t download anything, the link dectypter sends me to the main page
(Saturday, Jul 14. 2018 08:33 PM)
hola, no puedo descargame nada, el link decrypter me redirecciona a la pag principal
(Saturday, Jun 9. 2018 09:31 PM)
Oh yes, the manga we asked about is Shima Shima by Yamazaki Sayaka

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Japanese Drama: Slow Dance


Title: スローダンス
Title (romaji): Slow Dance
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 11
Viewership ratings: 16.89
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2005-Jul-04 to 2005-Sep-12
Air time: Monday 21:00
Theme song: Tokyo, by Fukuyama Masaharu
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A man who constantly applies the brake in his life, a woman who could do with a brake in her life. They have their careers but they are both failures in love. Afraid to face each other directly, instead of focusing on feelings, they choose to focus on their positions, meeting each other, falling in love!? They are already adults but still have some way to go when it comes to putting their foot on the ground. This summer, a feel-good love story…


Slow_Dance_01.mp4 – 183.4 MB
Slow_Dance_02.mp4 – 148.6 MB
Slow_Dance_03.mp4 – 148.5 MB
Slow_Dance_04.rar – 358.5 MB
Slow_Dance_05.mp4 – 148.6 MB
Slow_Dance_06.mp4 – 148.6 MB
Slow_Dance_07.mp4 – 148.5 MB
Slow_Dance_08.mp4 – 148.4 MB
Slow_Dance_09.mp4 – 148.5 MB
Slow_Dance_10.mp4 – 148.4 MB
Slow_Dance_11.rar – 466.5 MB




File name: Slow_Dance_01.mp4
File size:183.41 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_02.mp4
File size:148.56 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_03.mp4
File size:148.46 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_04.rar
File size:358.48 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_05.mp4
File size:148.55 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_06.mp4
File size:148.57 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_07.mp4
File size:148.51 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_08.mp4
File size:148.40 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_09.mp4
File size:148.48 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_10.mp4
File size:148.43 MB

File name: Slow_Dance_11.rar
File size:466.50 MB

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