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Japanese Drama: Otona Joshi


Name: オトナ女子
Title (romaji): Otona Joshi
Also known as: Lady Girls
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 10
Viewership ratings: 8.71%
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-15 to 2015-Dec-17
Air time: Thursday 22:00
Theme song: Hanataba by Nakashima Mika
Insert song: Nando de mo by Crystal Kay

More info

A still-single 40-year-old Nakahara Aki has a successful career but struggles when it comes to love. She appears to be an attractive, independent and capable woman, but whenever she starts going out with a guy, she tries too hard and often ends up miserable. After experiencing a series of disastrous relationships, Aki is now fearful of falling in love.

Aki has two best friends she often gets together for a girl talk: Osaki Moeko an owner of a flower shop, and Sakata Midori, a divorced working mother raising three boys on her own.

At work, Aki has been put in charge of developing a role-playing romance game app with a group of team members who are all younger than Aki. One day, Aki approaches a scriptwriter famous for romantic dramas, Takayama Fumio, and asks him to be the supervisor/advisor for the game app development project. At their first meeting, the two get into an argument when Fumio makes a comment about being 40 and still being infatuated with crush-like romance…

otona subtitle

Otona.Joshi.E01.HDTV.480p.x264.200MB-HiyeE.mkv – 200.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E02.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E03.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E04.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E05.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E06.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB
Otona.Joshi.E07.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.0 MB
Otona.Joshi.E08.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.0 MB
Otona.Joshi.E09.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.0 MB
Otona.Joshi.E10.END.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv – 160.1 MB


File name: Otona.Joshi.E01.HDTV.480p.x264.200MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:200.05 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E02.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.11 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E03.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.09 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E04.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.07 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E05.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.06 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E06.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.07 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E07.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.04 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E08.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.02 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E09.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.03 MB

File name: Otona.Joshi.E10.END.HDTV.480p.x264.160MB-HiyeE.mkv
File size:160.08 MB

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