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(Monday, Feb 4. 2019 10:59 PM)
The link for downloading volumes of Ai Shoujo, by Emiko Sugi are suspended
(Saturday, Dec 8. 2018 06:32 AM)
the link doesn’t work, the account has been suspended, such a pity
(Wednesday, Dec 5. 2018 10:08 AM)
I can’t download anything, the link dectypter sends me to the main page or it’s been suspended
(Thursday, Nov 22. 2018 10:53 AM)
i Want to transalate Halequin Manga

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Japanese Drama: Koori no Sekai


Title: 氷の世界
Title (romaji): Koori no Sekai
Title (English): Inanimate World / Ice World
Genre: Mystery, romance, suspense
Episodes: 11
Viewership rating: 19.0
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 1999-Oct-11 to 1999-Dec-20
Theme song: Diamond Dust by Himuro Kyosuke
Insert song: Just Walk Away by Celine Dion
More info

Investigations on a mysterious woman Toko started when Sonoe, a teacher and Toko’s fellow faculty member, was found dead as a result of what seemed to be an unfortunate accident. Eiki, an insurance investigator, and Takeshi, an ambitious police detective, find links between this case and the deaths of Toko’s 3 fiances, and are determined to uncover the truth.

Ice_World_01.mkv – 138.6 MB
Ice_World_02.mkv – 138.3 MB
Ice_World_03.mkv – 123.4 MB
Ice_World_04.mkv – 137.4 MB
Ice_World_05.mkv – 136.6 MB
Ice_World_06.mkv – 140.5 MB
Ice_World_07.mkv – 137.2 MB
Ice_World_08.mkv – 138.0 MB
Ice_World_09.mkv – 138.7 MB
Ice_World_10.mkv – 135.7 MB
Ice_World_11.mkv – 168.9 MB


File name: Ice_World_01.mkv
File size:138.58 MB

File name: Ice_World_02.mkv
File size:138.34 MB

File name: Ice_World_03.mkv
File size:123.35 MB

File name: Ice_World_04.mkv
File size:137.38 MB

File name: Ice_World_05.mkv
File size:136.57 MB

File name: Ice_World_06.mkv
File size:140.52 MB

File name: Ice_World_07.mkv
File size:137.23 MB

File name: Ice_World_08.mkv
File size:138.00 MB

File name: Ice_World_09.mkv
File size:138.75 MB

File name: Ice_World_10.mkv
File size:135.69 MB

File name: Ice_World_11.mkv
File size:168.86 MB

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