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(Tuesday, Feb 6. 2018 05:43 AM)
None of the links work for Kaze Hikaru, the adfly account is suspended. Can you please reupload them?
(Friday, Nov 24. 2017 11:58 PM)
i hope can update more nana manga from ai yazawa chapter 85 above. thank you so much.
(Saturday, Nov 4. 2017 06:14 PM)
Please reupload Kaze Hikaru from vol.21.Thank you.
(Saturday, Nov 4. 2017 03:21 AM)
I wonder how to download manga. when i push the link I turn out in Link Decrypter, so what shoul I do next? Sorry if my English not well.

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Japanese Drama: Beauty or Beast


Title: 美女か野獣
Title (romaji): Bijo ka Yajuu
Title (English): Beauty or Beast
Also known as: Kiss? or Fight?
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 11
Viewership: ratings 18.5%
Broadcast network: Fuji TV
Broadcast period: 2003-Jan-09 to 2003-Mar-20
Air time: Thursday 22:00
Theme song: “The Galaxy and Maze” by TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA
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After graduating from the Tokyo University School of Law, Makoto Tamiya goes on to Harvard University where she earns an MBA. She later works at one of the “big three” networks in the United States as a news reporter. While covering a story on an international symposium in Paris, Makoto is scouted to work for JBC Television in Japan. The news producer at JBC wants to use Makoto to help raise low viewer ratings. He persuades her to work for him for an absurdly high salary, and also gives her the right to hire who she needs. While Makoto is being brought in to be the savior of the News Department, one man gets transferred from the Variety Department. His name is Hiromi Nagase. Since joining JBC Television, all he has done is variety programs. So now the News Department has Makoto who thinks high ratings are the meaning of life, and Hiromi who values the success of a program as just a tool for the full enjoyment of life. These two totally different personalities mix it up and somehow reach a mutual understanding, creating a delightful “light comedy”.

Beauty Or Beast – 01.mkv – 170.6 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 02.mkv – 137.8 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 03.mkv – 138.4 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 04.mkv – 138.4 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 05.mkv – 137.9 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 06.mkv – 138.3 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 07.mkv – 138.6 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 08.mkv – 138.4 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 09.mkv – 135.8 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 10.mkv – 138.4 MB
Beauty Or Beast – 11.mkv – 171.6 MB


File name: Beauty Or Beast – 01.mkv
File size:170.65 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 02.mkv
File size:137.84 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 03.mkv
File size:138.44 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 04.mkv
File size:138.40 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 05.mkv
File size:137.93 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 06.mkv
File size:138.27 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 07.mkv
File size:138.63 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 08.mkv
File size:138.44 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 09.mkv
File size:135.77 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 10.mkv
File size:138.36 MB

File name: Beauty Or Beast – 11.mkv
File size:171.62 MB

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