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(Saturday, May 11. 2019 12:03 AM)
All raw link for the JDrama Hapi Mari do not work
(Monday, Feb 4. 2019 10:59 PM)
The link for downloading volumes of Ai Shoujo, by Emiko Sugi are suspended
(Saturday, Dec 8. 2018 06:32 AM)
the link doesn’t work, the account has been suspended, such a pity
(Wednesday, Dec 5. 2018 10:08 AM)
I can’t download anything, the link dectypter sends me to the main page or it’s been suspended

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& And by Okazaki Mari


[おかざき真里] & 全08巻
zip rar free raw manga direct download ダウンロード

& And by Okazaki Mari v01-03.zip – 100.2 MB
& And by Okazaki Mari v04-06.zip – 147.0 MB
& And by Okazaki Mari v07-08e.zip – 100.8 MB

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6 thoughts on “& And by Okazaki Mari”

  1. lucy says:

    thank you so much for & by okazaki mari !!
    the third link for volume 7-8 is not working, can it be fixed please?

    1. admin says:

      Fixed, done. Try it.

      1. yellow says:

        hi, the third link shows this error message:

        “This site can’t be reached

        The web page at https://d14.usercdn.com/d/tel7mwpkt52fvxijo7xm7as6at2bnqa24rsagxovvz6hyvulkwszc3yh/&%20And%20by%20Okazaki%20Mari%20v07-08e.zip might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

        1. admin says:

          I tried just now, and it works fine.
          Try this link: https://userscloud.com/1cinubifmekn

  2. Chris says:

    Hello, sorry for bothering after such a long time.
    The second link is not valid anymore. Can you fix it? Thank you.

  3. kjtanro says:

    uhm.. excuse me, i want to download 1-8 volumes of this manga. but i dont know how. plss help me. i really really want to read this manga. any help will do, thank you!

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